Fight Night at the Reno Events Center

Last night, I had the opportunity to shoot my first boxing match.  I have shot Ultimate Fighting/ Mixed Martial Arts in the past, but never boxing. Before I went, I was told to wear a dark colored shirt so the flying blood would not stain anything I was wearing.  It was probably good advice as […]


A couple of pictures from the Reno Rodeo which ran June 18-27.  I spent 3 nights shooting it and I must admit, it was harder than I expected.  I guess it is like shooting anything else– the more you do it, the better you get.  I had never even been to a rodeo before this– […]

iPhone was on fire (and so was some brush)

The first “significant” wildfire of the season was last Thursday.  Of course, we went rushing out to cover it.  For me it was an interesting experiment in convergence journalism and journalism for the web. The newspaper wanted a photo as quick as possible to throw up on the web.  Quality didn’t really matter– they just […]

Dustiest. Assignment. Ever. — The Reno Rodeo Cattle Drive

Also the coolest assignment ever!  This week, the famous Reno Rodeo, billed as the “Wildest, Richest Rodeo in the West,” will begin and last for a week.  Each year, before the rodeo, they have the Reno Rodeo Cattle Drive.  Guess which lucky intern got to go?  I think I am destined to shoot 18th century […]


I shot the Carson City Rendezvous last week which is sort of a blend of Civil War Reenactment, Old West Reenactment, Frontier Reenactment and a bunch of vendors in the middle of it all.  I followed these guys around for a bit while they pretended to “rob” the little train that runs around the park […]

When CEO's know how to have fun

I must say, when I am handed an assignment to shoot a CEO for a “Reno’s Most Influential People” article, I am sort of intimidated.  I’m not really sure why, but when I hear CEO, I think of a boring portrait shot of a guy in a suit who barely has time for me.  Luckily, […]

Sitting through graduation…. five times

This weekend, all the Washoe County public schools graduated.  If you thought sitting through your own graduation was boring, try sitting through FIVE of them.  This is how I spent Friday evening and all day Saturday.  Actually, it wasn’t all that bad.  At least all that time gave me opportunities to explore the gym and […]

Schoooooooool's Out for the Summer

This picture was for an assignment about the school year winding down in Reno this week and some of the things different schools were doing in the final week.  I went to the Sierra Nevada Academy Charter School, which was holding a student-run end of the year talent show. Sierra Nevada Academy seventh grader Florencio […]

First day at work

My first day at the Reno Gazette-Journal was Monday.  After days of driving, I finally made it to Reno and got off to a quick start.  I covered Memorial Day at the Veterans Cemetery in Fernley, NV as well as the Reno Aces (our minor league baseball team and feeder team for the Arizona Diamondbacks) […]


Here are a few images from my drive today.  I passed through the Bonneville Salt Flats in western Utah and snapped a few pictures.  It is a pretty amazing place.  Although it looks like snow, it is really salt.  If you don’t have your sunglasses with you, get ready to be blinded.  This is also […]

How to make 2,800 miles of driving fun

For the last 4 days, I have been slowly making my way out to Reno, NV for my summer internship at the Reno Gazette-Journal. I started out my drive in Northfield, MN after spending some time with Chelsea in her hometown and cruising on the St. Croix National Scenic River.  I survived the drive through […]

Final Project: "In the Footsteps of History: The Coalition of Historical Trekkers"

Ahhhh… The end of the semester.  We finally finished putting together our audio slideshow for our final project in Advanced Techniques in Photojournalism.  As you may remember, Joel, Vivian, Sarah, and I went to the National Gathering of The Coalition of Historical Trekkers last month and spent two days photographing the event.  I can’t tell […]

Advanced Techniques Class: Painting With Light

You may have seen some of my previous “painting with light” pictures that I did last semester (and this one too). Well, lucky me, I actually get to do it for a grade this time in my Advanced Techniques class.  Along with my group members Chelsea, Elisa, and Darren (and Jason came along to help […]

Advanced Techniques Class: Blending Assignment

Yet another flash assignment is due tomorrow.  This time, it is the “blending” technique (also known as 2nd curtain sync).  Its a great tool to have if you want to convey a sense of motion in a dark situation and still keep your main subjects in focus. At first, I tried to shoot the Society […]

Advanced Techniques Class: Multiple Flash

As if one flash wasn’t enough, now we had to venture out with multiple flashes!!! I was pretty pressed for time on this assignment because I spent the weekend shooting for my final project.  So, I could have done better, but I am not too disappointed with what I got.  Here are two selects from […]

Final Project Day 2: Coalition of Historical Trekkers

Yesterday was our second and final day at the National Gathering of the Coalition of Historical Trekkers at Fort Osage near Sibley, MO.  It started out very rainy and miserable (It is always fun trying to keep $15,000 worth of electronics dry) but the photo gods smiled on us and the sun came out for […]

Final Project: Coalition of Historical Trekkers

My group and I are all out in Sibley, Missouri at Fort Osage this weekend to shoot our final project for Advanced Techniques in Photojournalism.  We are shooting the National Gathering of the Coalition of Historical Trekkers.  Here are a few shots from tonight’s “Tavern Night.”  It was great… We photographed the group drinking butter […]

the horror!!!! oooh the horror!!!!

TRAGEDY!!!! ABSOLUTE TRAGEDY!!!!! While I was home for Easter last weekend, Dewey, my golden retriever, found my hat while I was in the shower and proceeded to do what he does best– chew.  After a half hour of chewing, the hat was ruined!!  For those of you that see me every single day, you know […]

Advanced Techniques: Fill and Balancing

In this episode of Advanced Techniques in photojournalism, we had to use flash for “fill and balancing.”  Basically, this is the perfect technique for a sunny day when your subject is wearing a hat.  Or, if you are trying to shoot people in shadow with a bright background.  It sort of evens things out. I […]

Good Audio Slideshow

We had to go out and find a good example of an audio slideshow for class.  This slideshow, titled “Dharavi: Mumbai’s Hidden Heart,” was shot by Michael Robinson Chavez of the Los Angeles Times.  I am not always a fan of narration, but I thought he did an amazing job of collecting ambient audio and […]

2,600 miles later … a few pictures…

Spring Break is over and that could only mean one thing– spring break blog posts by everyone, especially the photojournalists.  So, if you can stand one more spring break blog post, read on… Below is a map of our road trip. You can even interact with it!  Coooooooool. We drove a total of over 2,600 […]

Flash Color Correction Assignment

This is the photo I am turning in for our flash color correction assignment.  Basically, every type of light bulb emits a different colorcast.  Flourescent lights have a green cast, a normal light bulb has a orange cast and daylight / my flash has a blue cast.  In this assignment we had to put the […]

A Walk in the Woods

I found these two photos the other day and forgot that I had taken them.  They were shot during another random nighttime photo adventure last November  just north of Columbia.  It was a really eerie, foggy, full moon kind of night and I really liked the surreal feel of the photos.  I think they portray […]

Direct Flash / Bounce Flash Assignment

These are the two photos I am turning in for my single flash assignment.  One photo had to use direct flash and the other had to use a flash bounced off of a surface. Last night, I went to the Laws Observatory on campus and took some photos while bouncing the flash off the dome.  […]