Video Job Profile: Sea Lion Trainer

For my Picture Story & Photo Essay class, we had to do a video job profile on a job of our choosing.  I thought it would be fun to do it on a sea lion trainer at the Saint Louis Zoo. I worked at the Zoo for 4 summers as a tour guide on the […]

Spring Break through iPhone Polaroids

For some reason, I always forget that I have this cool little application on my iPhone called “Shake It Photo” .  Basically, it turns your iPhone’s camera into an old-school Polaroid-style camera and it only costs $0.99!  You take the photo like you normally would on your iPhone and the image is then cropped to […]

The Charitable Collector: Final Edit

This is my final edit for my character profile assignment in my Picture Story class.  I had other ideas for this assignment, but my main subject backed out at the last minute and send me scrambling for other story ideas.  I found Harry at the last minute and only had a day to photograph him.  […]

The Charitable Collector

One of the pictures from my character profile assignment.  More to come tomorrow… Too tired to post more…

4 Peaks in 5 Days

I haven’t posted too much lately mainly because the photo class I am taking this semester requires more long-term stories.  And, POYi judging has just ended after 3 weeks. So, I am digging back into the archives and posting a couple of the panoramas I took while driving home from Reno this summer.  In 5 […]

POYi Judging Deja Vu

It is that time of year again… time for the Pictures of the Year International (POYi) judging.  Once again, I am a coordinator for the contest and I will be spending the next three weeks in a very dark room watching some of the best photos in the world flash before my eyes.  This year, […]

New Website

Last semester, I built a new website for myself in my Electronic Photo J class and I finally decided to make the link live.  I have been using livebooks.edu for my portfolio, but that costs about $100 a year.  I figure I can use that money for other purposes and this new website was a […]

And the "wiener" is…

There are too many puns that you could think of for this event.  I photographed the PetSmart Wiener Dog Derby at Soulard Market Park in downtown St. Louis this weekend.  It is meant to be a race for wiener dogs, but when the gates open, it usually results in 6 very confused dogs wandering around […]

Minnesota Roadtrip

Over Christmas Break, Chelsea and I went up to Minnesota for a few days to pick up her new car.  I purposely didn’t bring any of my cameras because I decided I needed a break from photography for a couple of days after a hectic end of the semester.  But, I thought it would be […]

HOTlanta Aquarium

I went to the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta yesterday.  Aquariums are just too enticing for photographers…

Final Project: Electronic Photo J

My completed project for my Electronic Photojournalism class.  Basically a class that sets out to teach us Flash, HTML, FinalCut, and a slew of other multimedia-producing programs.  I did a short project on people that have very late night jobs.  I did 3 little vignettes on three different Columbians that stay up late and then […]

Beyond the Broom: Mark Anderson

This is the completed final project for my Staff Photojournalism class.  I had grand ideas for a final project this semester but because of time constraints and a contacts falling through, I was forced to rush for story.  Luckily, I ran into Mark Anderson, a street sweeper for The District area of downtown Columbia.  He […]

Let the Broom Be Your Guide

A few stills from my final project in my Staff Photojournalism class.  The entire multimedia package and a story description to come in a later post:

The Taxidermist

My final submission for the Columbia Missourian’s photo column, “Boone Life: Beginnings.”  I went to the Woodland Wonders Taxidermy studio east of Columbia and hung out with Curt Shahan for a few hours.  Must say, I didn’t know much about taxidermy coming into this, but I do now.  You can see the article I wrote […]

Even more football… Last one, I promise

I photographed my last Mizzou football game this weekend at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City.  Mizzou took on Kansas in the Border Showdown.  It couldn’t have been a more exciting game.  A safety and a last-minute field goal got Mizzou the 41-39 win over KU.  A good way to end the season.  So, we will […]

More Football

I got to shoot the Tigers’ last home game of the season Saturday against Iowa State.  Once again, it was a great day game with great light from overcast skies. Iowa State’s James Smith, top, grabs the face mask of MU quarterback Blaine Gabbert, bottom, during the first quarter Saturday, Nov. 21, 2009 at Memorial […]

We fear sunlight — CPOY Judging

My skin will soon turn white, I will no longer have a need for eyes, and I will develop other cave creature characteristics.  Yep, it is time for College Photographer of the Year judging which means I will be spending my time working in a dark room for 14 hours every single day this week.   […]

Changing the face of billboards

This is a piece I did for the Columbia Missourian’s photo column, “Boone Life.”  This semester, the theme of Boone Life is “Beginnings” which means we have to go out and photograph different types of beginnings (we sort of use this term very loosely).  Last week was my turn to do the photo column.  My […]

Ode to Whataburger

If there is one thing I really miss about Texas, it is Whataburger.  The distinctive orange and white striped buildings are landmarks of deliciousness.  So, I was extremely elated when I found one while I was in Stillwater, OK shooting the Mizzou/Oklahoma State game.  I made Joel drive to it at 1 A.M.  Luckily he […]

Lighting Cemeteries

There’s nothing quite like running around in cemeteries dating back to the 1800’s at 1 o’clock in the morning.  Chelsea and I did exactly that the other night to take photos for an upcoming VOX Magazine article on old Missouri cemeteries.  Since we both had to shoot the Mizzou Black & Gold basketball game that […]


Did you know there is a town in central Missouri called Frankenstein?  Neither did I until this past Thursday.  Frankenstein (said just like it sounds) is a small unincorporated town in Ozark County and mainly consists of a Catholic Church and the neighboring Catholic grade school.  I went there to photograph both the church and […]

Barrels and Bottles

The other day, I got to photograph Matthew Kirby who runs both A&K Cooperage and the Cooper’s Oak Winery in Higbee, Mo. The winery is the only winery in the country that has barrel-making and wine-making facilities all on the same property.  Even cooler, the cooperage makes 95% of the oak barrels for Napa Valley’s […]

Mizzou vs. Furman

Got to shoot the Mizzou game against Furman today.  Some clouds rolled in just about game time and created some great light to shoot in.  It was a pretty mismatched game which made for a lot of touchdown passes/runs to photograph.  Final score: 52-12 Mizzou. Mizzou defensive lineman Jaquies Smith, 3, runs for the end […]

Ghost Hunting

Chelsea and I went on a ghost hunt / “paranormal investigation” with the Kindred Moon Paranormal Society this past weekend to do a story for the Columbia Missourian.  We were supposed to go and investigate paranormal activity at Bridal Cave in Lake of the Ozarks but a wedding reception canceled those plans.  Instead, we went […]