Final Project: Coalition of Historical Trekkers

My group and I are all out in Sibley, Missouri at Fort Osage this weekend to shoot our final project for Advanced Techniques in Photojournalism.  We are shooting the National Gathering of the Coalition of Historical Trekkers.  Here are a few shots from tonight’s “Tavern Night.”  It was great… We photographed the group drinking butter rum, playing 18th century games and singing 18th century songs in one of the hisotric buildings– all under candlelight (Thank God I was using the Nikon D3 for this.  Most of these photos were shot at ISO 5000 at 1/25 of a second!).  Like one group member said, you really feel like you are back in the 18th Century.  More to come later…. Looooong day of shooting tomorrow.





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  1. Love the one with the pipe. The smoke and the golden colors go together well for some reason.

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