Flash Color Correction Assignment

This is the photo I am turning in for our flash color correction assignment.  Basically, every type of light bulb emits a different colorcast.  Flourescent lights have a green cast, a normal light bulb has a orange cast and daylight / my flash has a blue cast.  In this assignment we had to put the appropriate colored gel over our flash to balance out the light in the room.

I did my assignment inside the “Cool Stuff” store in Columbia on Broadway.  The store sells, well… cool stuff.  Every toy, knick-knack or novelty item can be found in this store.  They also sell a lot of great stuff from Southeast Asia.

Shooting with flash was once again frustrating, but I guess that is to be expected.

20090318_cc_schrj_hr_0026_blog1Courtney Jacobs (right) takes a picture of her friend Phoebe Henderson (left) goofing off with a pirate hat inside the Cool Stuff store in Columbia, MO, Wednesday, March 18, 2008.  The girls, both from Oklahoma City, were in town for spring break and made Cool Stuff the first stop on their trip.  Out of all the items in the store, the girls found a wooden statue of a fertility goddess to be the most interesting.  “We were a little scared by it,” said Henderson.

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