Ghost Hunting

Chelsea and I went on a ghost hunt / “paranormal investigation” with the Kindred Moon Paranormal Society this past weekend to do a story for the Columbia Missourian.  We were supposed to go and investigate paranormal activity at Bridal Cave in Lake of the Ozarks but a wedding reception canceled those plans.  Instead, we went to a railroad bridge on the Katy Trail that is rumored to have a one-armed man lurking around it.

I decided that I wanted to photograph the entire night without a flash… only flashlights.  I figured a flash would make things look too unnatural.  To really get a feel for what it was like, I felt we needed to use only the flashlights.  Although Bridal Cave would have been a little more visually interesting, I think we did good with what we had.  Below is the multimedia piece that Chelsea and I put together along with a few of my photos.

[vimeo w=600&h=405]





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