Scenes From Death Valley

Chelsea and I spent our New Years Eve camping in Death Valley National Park.  For a place that is known for its extreme heat, we experienced the opposite — extreme cold.  I was planning for temps in the 30’s, but it ended up dropping down to 14 degrees where we were camping.  Much too cold for someone who hasn’t experienced a real winter for well over a year now.

Despite the cold though, Death Valley was a beautiful and other-worldly place.  After driving 28 miles on a four wheel drive road, we camped next to an area known as “The Racetrack” which gets its name from the large rocks that move across a dry lake bed all by themselves.  These rocks leave trails behind them as they move which I supposed looks like they are racing.

There are a lot of theories as to how these rocks move, but the popular theory is that the dry lake bed has to fill with just a little bit of water and then freeze.  Then, strong winds have to come along to scoot the rocks across the slippery surface leaving a trail behind.

My theory? Aliens.

The Racetrack moving rocks at Death Valley National Park

Moving Rock on the Racetrack in Death Valley

Artist's Palette at Death Valley National Park

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