Catalina Island’s Interior

A few shots from a ride through Catalina Island’s interior with the Catalina Conservancy.

While the town of Avalon on Catalina is well visited, the island’s interior is much less accessible.  Either you have to hike through fairly rugged terrain, pay a nice little sum for a tour, or you have to know somebody that owns a car on the island (and it takes about 15 years to get a permit to even own a car on Catalina).  I got to ride along with the Catalina Island Conservancy, a private land trust that owns and protects about 90% of the island.

As I was told, this is what California looked like before it was developed.  It was a beautiful ride through the island and we even came across one of the island’s many buffalo that are left over from the days when Hollywood shot western movies on Catalina.

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  1. This is definitely what Amy and Jane and I saw of Catalina. You do get around.

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