Another Pool Shot

But a different kind of pool this time.  This shot is from the “Healing Pools” near Mt. Margaret, Western Australia.  These pools of water are HIGHLY concentrated with salt.  In fact, there is so much salt in these pools that you get hardened salt crystals on the bottom.  When I got out of the pool and my shorts eventually dried, it was like I had sprayed a can of starch on them.  They were almost rock hard because of the salt.

I was told that these ponds have healing properties and that Aboriginals have been using them for thousands of years.  The salt is supposed to be good for your skin and can help heal cuts.  As I had a few cuts on my hands that day, I tested this theory out and it sure as hell made them sting.

Healing Ponds near Mt. Margaret, Western Australia

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  1. Dad says:

    Nice shot John – where does the salt come from?

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