Kangaroo Hunting… Now in Technicolor!

So it seems like the vast majority of you want to see the previous post’s pictures in color…. or should I say COLOUR now that I am in Australia?

I like both versions but the end product of this project will probably be in color colour.  So, to see the difference, I have re-posted the exact same images only this time in full technicolor for your enjoyment.  You tell me what you think.  I will even throw in a bonus image that shows just one more step of the process.

Unfortunately, a couple of these photos were taken at almost high noon which means you lose that gorgeous orange dirt.  It is almost reflective instead of orange at that hour.  Luckily, some of the days activities happened during the good afternoon light.  Why can’t everything in life happen during perfect golden hour light?  That would make my job a lot easier…

Kangaroo hunting near Mt. Margaret, Western Australia.

Kangaroo Hunting near Mt. Margaret, Western Australia

Kangaroo Hunting near Mt. Margaret, Western Australia

A Kangaroo is skinned after a hunt near Mt. Margaret, Western Australia

Kangaroo Hunting near Mt. Margaret, Western Australia

6 Responses to “Kangaroo Hunting… Now in Technicolor!”

  1. I vote for colour, hands down. It just makes the pictures jump out at me that much more, especially since they’re hunting pictures. Call me gross but I think the bloodiness actually being red makes them more impactful photos.

  2. Bookslinger says:

    Love your photography.

    Are the kangaroos hunted mainly to control their population numbers?

    • They are hunted by Indigenous Australians mainly as a food source, especially in remote areas like this one. Kangaroos, Emus, and Goannas have been a food source for the Aboriginals for thousands of years.

  3. janga says:

    Why do you hunt kangaroos? Are you an indigenous australian? Is it for food? It makes me sick that you would hunt these for fun? Is it because it is easier than caring for them? I think it just makes you and other black people look bad. Look up kangaroo dundee

  4. janga says:

    sorry if i sounded ignorant in my last post but i find it hard to understand how someone can enjoy these photos and how you can do this unless you are doing something like selling the meat to make a living or eat. In that case i understand but i just watched a documentary about a man caring for kangaroos and to see them like this makes me wonder why

    • Indigenous Australians (including the people in this post) hunt kangaroos as a major food source in one of the more inhospitable climates on the planet. This has been a major food source for them for thousands of years and kangaroos are more than bountiful in the outback.

      The kangaroos caught on this hunt fed a group of 65 people. I was not hunting, only documenting the hunt as a photojournalist for a larger documentary project on diabetes in the outback.

      I am not sure how you think this “makes black people look bad.” All of our food– be it beef, chicken or kangaroo has to come from somewhere and I am sorry if seeing the reality of hunting for food in the wild offends you.

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