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Kangaroo Hunting… Now in Technicolor!

Kangaroo Hunting... Now in Technicolor!

So it seems like the vast majority of you want to see the previous post’s pictures in color…. or should I say COLOUR now that I am in Australia? I like both versions but the end product of this project will probably be in color colour.  So, to see the difference, I have re-posted the […]

Hunting Kangaroo (and other creatures)

Hunting Kangaroo (and other creatures)

Yesterday, I got to go out kangaroo hunting with some locals out in Mt. Margaret (about 35 km or so west of Laverton).  For my photo essay on Aboriginal diabetes, I want to show the traditional (and healthier) food sources.  Winston, Bradley, and Shane Stokes were my generous hosts and I am very thankful they […]