30-Day Project | Days 12 & 13

Day 13 | A Visit to London?

One of the more interesting shopping arcades in downtown Perth is the London Courtyard.  You walk off a city street onto a London Street.  But, the Australians wouldn’t want it to look too authentically British… They made sure to put the Australian flag above every shop.  Still, a random sight in the middle of an Australian city:

London Court, Downtown Perth, Western Australia

Day 12 | Kings Park

Kings Park is a huge park and botanical garden in the middle of Perth.  It has some of the most immaculate grass I have ever been on, but I suppose this picture doesn’t do that justice (think fairway grass at a fancy golf course).  It has lots of biking and walking trails and probably every plant known to Australia in it.  A place I could probably explore for a week.

Kings Park, Perth Australia

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