30-Day Project | Day 11 | We Climbed Some Stuff

After spending the night in Albany, Australia last night, we spent our Sunday driving along the southern coast of Western Australia.  To sum up the day:  We climbed a few things of various heights.  So, for my 30-day project posting, I will just show you the various things we ended up climbing.

We started out climbing on some huge rocks along Green Pool in William Bay National Park near Denmark, Australia.  The coastline of southwestern Australia, which runs along the Southern Ocean, is breathtaking.  I would say a good description would be the coastline of northern California with water that looks like the Caribbean.  We had to stop and see some of it:

Green Pool William Bay National park

After that, we headed to an area known as the “Valley of the Giants” near Walpole, Australia. It gets that name from the giant Tingle and Eucalyptus trees that grow there.  At times, I could swear I was in Costa Rica or Central America when I looked at the scenery.  Lots of trees, Lots of green.  Continuing our climbing theme, we did the Tree Top Walk through some old growth forest:

Valley of Giants Tree Top Walk

Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk

Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk

Then, we decided a tree top walk on simple platforms wasn’t scary enough.  We drove about 100km west to Warren National Park to climb the “Bicentennial Tree.” What is the Bicentennial Tree you might ask?  Well, it has to be the most dangerous tourist activity open to the public in Australia.  Literally, you climb a 246-foot tree on nothing but metal rebar that runs spirally up the tree.  There is a bit of flimsy fencing on the side, but nothing to keep you from falling in between the bars to your death.  We were the only ones there, nobody there supervising in the middle of a forest.  It was awesome:

Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree

To give you some sense of scale… Chelsea is a few levels below me and Jason is on the forest floor if you look closely

Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree

Probably wasn’t the best idea to climb in flip flops either…

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