30-Day Project | Day 5 | Gateway to Alice Springs

Although I met with a lot of people today, I didn’t take a lot of photos.  As I was walking around town this evening, I passed by this old building around sunset and snapped a picture.  It advertises Laverton as the “Gateway to Alice Springs.”

Why is that?  Well, Laverton marks the start of the 2,750km long “Outback Way” which runs from Laverton all the way to the east coast in Queensland going through Alice Springs along the way.  A short 1,500km / 20 hours of driving on mostly unsealed roads will get you to Alice Springs (the closest large town to Urulu/Ayers Rock).  It would be fun to drive someday if I ever got my hands on a 4-wheel-drive vehicle…

Laverton: Gateway to Alice Springs

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