30-Day Project | Day 25 | Bush Fire!

Spot News in Laverton? Woo hoo!  Well, kind of…

I was just taking a drive around town when I saw a bunch of smoke coming out of the bushes.  Being the lazy Sunday that it was, I stopped and found it was a bush fire.  I was going to call somebody but just as I was getting ready to, the police showed up.  They called the volunteer fire department and in the meantime, the two cops and myself just sort of stood there and stared at it– much like people stare mesmerized at a campfire.  It had some pretty good flames to it but by the time the fire department showed up, it was just smoldering.  The cops and I must have extinguished the fire with our bored stares.  But hey, it was some excitement on an uneventful Sunday afternoon and it gave me a photo for my 30-day project today…   Thank God I had all that wildfire training in Nevada last summer!!!

Laverton Bush Fire 02

Laverton Bush Fire

Laverton Volunteer Firefighter Mua, my across-the-street neighbor, tackles the flames on Sunday.

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