Changing the face of billboards

This is a piece I did for the Columbia Missourian’s photo column, “Boone Life.”  This semester, the theme of Boone Life is “Beginnings” which means we have to go out and photograph different types of beginnings (we sort of use this term very loosely).  Last week was my turn to do the photo column.  My idea for a “beginning” was the installation of new billboards and the people who climb up and do it.

Unfortunately, because of 5,000 different federal OSHA laws, I didn’t actually get to go up on the billboards.  But, I did what I could from the ground.  You can also read the article I wrote here (A writer I am not) and you will find the multimedia piece below:

[vimeo w=600&h=405]

2 Responses to “Changing the face of billboards”

  1. ChelZ says:

    You did such a great job on both the multimedia AND the written story!

  2. katie barnes says:

    ha… cool idea! love seeing the time lapse of the old one coming down and new one going up. nice beginning tying into the ending too…

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