Fishy Silhouettes

I spent this last “weekend” in Monterey/Carmel California to try and escape the Reno heat.  I think I escaped it a little too much because it never got above 62 degrees the whole time I was there (which is pretty damn chilly after getting out of a 56 degree Pacific Ocean).  It was foggy and cold my first morning so I went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  I guess you could call it an “ironic” attraction considering the aquarium used to be a sardine canning factory dedicated to packaging tons and tons of dead fish.

I know that silhouettes are considered a little gimmicky in the photography world but I couldn’t help myself at the aquarium.  Too many kids pounding on the glass or trying to touch the fish.  To add to that, the aquarium had HUGE glass viewing areas– it was too perfect.   I probably spend a good 2 hours trying to get the right combination of fish/jellyfish/kid pointing or pounding on the glass. These are two of my favorites:



4 Responses to “Fishy Silhouettes”

  1. Charles Ludeke says:

    Great light man.

  2. katie barnes says:

    i love that first shot… great composition. i’ve seen the second shot before – the colors are great in yours, i wish there was more subject separation?

  3. I agree with you Kaite… I wish the kid was completely separate from all the jellies. And your right… I think its a pretty popular picture to take at that aquarium so I wouldn’t be surprised if there are 5,000 versions of it out there!

  4. Indeed, there are thousands of permutations of it, but its so irresistable. I was there a coupla’ years ago: I remember having a great lunch at one of the nearby restaurants, too…An expensive, and drunk-on-wine lunch (the best kind).

    See you soon!


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