POYi Judging Concludes; Winners Announced; John's Social Life Returns

66-mpoy-sinau-48 Photo Credit: Uriel Sinai / Getty Images

Well, its has been a fun 3 weeks but the Pictures of the Year International (POYi) judging is finally over.  This means my life is back to a normal schedule and I no longer am spending 8 hours a day in a dark room updating the website.  It was great watching the competition and hearing the judges feedback.  Here are the winners of some of the premier categories:

In addition, National Geographic Magazine pretty much swept a few of the editing categories and won the Angus McDougall Overall Excellence in Editing Award.  They did some amazing work this year including this awesome piece on China:

01 Photo Credit: National Geographic Magazine

The Herald in Jasper, IN also did really well in the Newspaper Editing categories.  Its proof that small papers and small towns can produce amazing imagery.   Click Here to See one of their winning photo spreads.

All the winners are listed on our website.  Or, you can click here and see the winner’s gallery

I am off to catch up on sleep, photo projects, papers and being social again….

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