66th POYi Judging Begins! My Social Life Ends!


The POYi Judging War Room

If you want to know why I am not answering my phone, answering emails or seeing the light of day, it is because I am sitting in a dark room for the next 3 weeks updating the Pictures of the Year website during judging.  That sounds like a terrible thing, but it definitely isn’t.  I couldn’t be happier sitting in a dark room looking at some of the best photos in the world flash before my eyes.  Its a great learning experience for sure.

You can be part of the action too!  This year, we stream the judging live on our website www.POYi.org

See the website and watch live judging here!

Until later, I’ll see you in the dark room.

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  1. Bette Schreiber says:

    Your mother is not the only one to read your blog. Your grandmother makes two.

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