McBaine Burr Oak at Night… Again

What did I do last night instead of study for Comm Law??  I went back to the big Burr Oak Tree in McBaine to take some more photos.  The tree is lit with one of those police style MagLites and the road is lit with a little LED flashlight.

It is amazing how quickly the stars move in the sky.  This is a 30-second exposure and you can already see a little blur in them…

I should also add that this tree is over 350 years old– that’s the 16th century we are talking about.  It is pretty amazing when you think about it.  It was around long before the United States was a country and has survived century upon century…


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  1. Jeff says:

    Schreiber that’s pretty impressive. I like how it is pretty light at the bottom of the picture but the stars are still pretty vivid up top. I take since you were probably lying down that it wasn’t a very busy road haha.

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