Ultimate Fighting = Ultimate Photographs

For my sports assignment, I went to photograph “Battle at the Blue Note 8.”  It is an Ultimate Fight match or “Mixed Martial Arts” match that takes place in a caged ring.  “Ultimate Fighting” is actually a brand of Mixed Martial Arts and is confused for the name of the sport (including by me).  Mixed […]

Friends in High Places

To continue my week of doing crazy things and getting away with it, I got to climb on the Tiger Hotel sign today. Ever since I arrived in Columbia, I have been praying that one of those big neon letters would burn out.  When lights burn out, someone has to go climb up the sign […]

Knowing When to say When

So I was just sitting around doing nothing tonight and feeling pretty worthless.  Then, I hear thunder outside.  Oh goody!  That means lightning too!! I have always had an obsession with photographing lightning.  Maybe it comes from my fascination with storms– one of the reasons I like living in the Midwest. I grabbed my gear […]

I Smell Elections in the Air…

I will start off this post by saying that secret service agents have very strong grips… Read on to find out why I know that… I love being in the middle of political rallies.  This is a historic election and it’s great to be involved in it.  I have covered McCain a couple of times […]

Empty Promises

I guess I will start out this blog just like everyone else does with sad excuses about why I will not be posting everyday, why I am too busy to post, etc etc. I tried to start a blog during my freshman year of college, but abandoned ship 3 months later.  I think it is […]