Space Shuttle Endeavour Los Angeles Fly Over

I was very lucky to witness history last Friday as Space Shuttle Endeavour, strapped to the back of a Boeing 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft, performed low-altitude fly overs of L.A. landmarks before finally landing at LAX. It was the last time the world would ever seen a NASA space shuttle in any form of flight. As the wheels touched down at LAX, that was pretty much the end of the shuttle program. Very cool to see, but bittersweet at the same time.

I got to shoot the shuttle from the tarmac at LAX and arrived at around 4 a.m. to stake out a spot. The shuttle didn’t land until close to 1 p.m., so it was a lot of sitting around waiting, but totally worth it. Here are a few of my favorites:

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  1. Wilson says:

    Great Shots John. I particularly like the second one where you managed to squeeze some spectators into the shot.

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