2012 LA Marathon

Last weekend, I was hired to photograph my first marathon and spent most of the day at the finish line of the LA Marathon along Ocean Ave. in Santa Monica.  It was windy as hell but thankfully it didn’t pour down rain as was originally forecast.  With over 20,000 people running the race, there were plenty of chances to capture some personal and sometimes painful moments as well as a few other unique happenings.

Thankfully, photographing a marathon is much easier than running one.  When it comes to marathons, I think I will continue to stay on this side of the camera…

Heavy winds easily ruffle the Mylar blanket of a runner at the finish line of the LA Marathon in Santa Monica, CA.

Local Los Angeles actress Tanna Frederick is offered assistance by medical staff after crossing the finish line of the LA Marathon.

Thousands of runners make their way down Ocean Ave. in Santa Monica on the final push to the finish line.

LA Marathon spectators try to get a better view through barriers and fencing set up at the finish line

Kenny Deroian, left, hugs his new fiance and racer Rhea Bastianon, right, after proposing to her as she crossed the finish line of the LA Marathon.

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  1. Rhea says:

    I had not seen that picture of us. How great you captured that moment, thank you!!

    Kenny and Rhea

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