Joshua Tree National Park

Chelsea and I went camping in Joshua Tree National Park this past weekend and went out for a nighttime photo excursion to try and light a Joshua Tree at night.  This is lit entirely with 2 flashlights– one from Chelsea on the right side of the photo and one from me at the front of the photo.  Good job teamwork:

Joshua Tree in Joshua Tree National Park

4 Responses to “Joshua Tree National Park”

  1. Jakob Berr says:

    Awesome job, both of you! Takes me right back to Joshua Tree… Isn’t it a magical place? Hope you both are doing fine in San Clemente! Beth and I are having a great time in Colorado.

  2. Dad says:

    National Geographic needs to take notice.

  3. julie says:

    You are talented photographer. It look little bit fairytelish and in same time real.

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