Honey West

I am not sure I could adequately explain how I ended up in Gloria Fickling’s home yesterday evening but it was certainly random.  Basically, we went to the Laguna Beach Art Crawl and Gloria was a friend of a friend.  We got to know Gloria or “Glori” during the evening and Chelsea and I ended up giving her a ride home so she didn’t have to walk 10 blocks uphill.

Glori invited us in and we learned her husband wrote a series of novels in the 60’s based on a female James-Bond-like character called “Honey West.”  Honey West was one of the first female private eye characters in an era when gun-toting men were always the detective characters in books and movies.  As we also learned, Glori’s husband based this character on Glori’s persona.  The books spawned a Honey West television series (starring the late Anne Francis) that ran on ABC from 1965-1966 and there are even comic books being made about Glory West today.

Glori took us up to her office which overlooks the entire town of Laguna Beach and it was full of Honey West memorabilia, original book cover art, and all sorts of cool things.  While we were up there, I made this picture of Glori– the inspiration for “Honey West.”  Glori is about the age of my grandmother, but she was one fun lady to hang out with yesterday (and so is my grandmother!! I know you are reading this…).  I am sure we will be seeing more of Glori this summer.

And here is the opening for the Glory West TV show from the 1960’s:


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  1. Bette Schreiber says:

    You got that right, John. I did see your blog and appreciate the compliment.

  2. David Parker says:

    Too cool. Honey West was a great show, what I can remember of it. Of course nothing could top “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.”

  3. GREAT description, John….love it. I will suggest that you and Chelsea and John, also Hans be friends on here, too…though Glori doesn’t get into Facebook much. See you all soon!!! GREAT PHOTOS….am a FAN of yours and Chelsea’s!!!

  4. Tarita says:

    I had the pleasure to meet Glori last week. All I can say is I loved every minute and when I grow up I want to be just like her!

    • Tarita, I agree…she is one of my closest and dearest friends, and I’ve been saying what you said since I met her six years ago at the Laguna Playhouse. She never changes!!! Love her immensely!!!! Hope you can be like her, too!

  5. Brent Lee says:


    I have been trying to find out the color of the Ford Econoline Van used in the Honey West TV series. Can anyone help me to locate some sort of color picture of the van on the set or anything like that? I want to create a replica using my old van and wanted to know the color.


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