Laverton Lightning

I love shooting lightning.  I love thunderstorms.  In fact, there has been quite a lack of thunderstorms in Australia since I have been here and I have started to miss them.

So, when I looked out my window this evening and saw the crazy light show going on outside, I ran up to the top of the highest point in town– Billy Goat Hill.  From that vantage point, you can see for probably 60-70 miles.  When I got up there, it was nothing but lightning anywhere I looked.  Thankfully, although the lightning was visible, I couldn’t hear any thunder which meant that it was a safe distance away for me to photograph.

This one was my favorite although I couldn’t quite get the right angle on the water tower and lightning.  I wish the big storm cloud have moved a little more into the frame, but unfortunately it was moving the other direction.  I shall try again during the next lightning storm…

4 Responses to “Laverton Lightning”

  1. Steele says:

    Spectacular photo. i think that storm came straight over Murrin Murrin.

  2. New postcard? I think SO!

  3. Bette Schreiber says:

    Great photo. Also, thanks for the postcard.

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