First Communion

I was walking around town Saturday evening looking for some photos in the sunset light and I happened to walk past the Catholic Church (the one and only church in Laverton).  As I walked by, I saw that a couple of the kids were walking in with white dresses.  So, I asked if it was their first communion tonight (which it was) and I was invited in to take pictures.  A Catholic myself, I remember my first communion years and years ago.  I think I got a pair of Rollerblades as a gift that day in addition to a dozen necklaces with saint medals on them.  If there is any indication of how long ago my First Communion was, it’s that Rollerblades were actually popular at the time.

Of the pictures I took, I liked this one the best for some reason.  Everyone is waiting outside for the latecomers to hurry down the street so they can start the mass.  I think my family was usually a few minutes late to mass, but they certainly didn’t wait for us…

First Communion in Laverton, Western Australia

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  1. Mom says:

    That’s because we could never get Mom moving on time.


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