30-Day Project | Days 17 & 18

Day 18 | Footy!

We went to the West Coast Eagles vs. North Melbourne Kangaroos Australian Rules Football Game (footy) yesterday.  I don’t really know how to describe Aussie Rules Football besides comparing it to a combination of Soccer, Football, and Rugby (oh, and some of the fights from Ice Hockey).  Unfortunately, the stadium didn’t allow “professional” cameras inside, so I was stuck with a point and shoot camera.

WestCoastEagles vs. North Melbourne Kangaroos

Day 17 | Lots of Sand

On Saturday, we headed about 110km north of Perth to a town called Lancelin.  One of the features of Lancelin is its massive sand dunes.  What do you do on these sand dunes?  You go sandboarding!  It is a lot like snowboarding only snow melts when you fall and it gets in your pants… sand doesn’t really work that way.  The sand is also really fine and is a disaster for cameras so I didn’t take too many pictures.  Lancelin also has amazing powdery white sand beaches which we definitely checked out.

Sandboarding in Lancelin, Western Australia

 Lancelin, Western Australia

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  1. Chelsea says:

    What a great day! We got almost the same picture.. only mine were in that shiny bag and most of them look distorted in a really funny way. We’ll miss you this week while you are in Laverton! Take daily pictures!!!

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