30-Day Project | Day 23 | Biking Accident?

Sorry I keep taking pictures of abandoned junk.  Sometimes I just have to stop and take a pictures of the things I see along the roads.

Because my last two posts were of objects that were not meant to be in their current positions, lets play a game.  It is called: “How the Hell Did This Get Here?”  My guess on this one is a horrific biking accident.  I am guessing a guy named Jake had great aspirations to be the next Lance Armstrong.  He would bike for miles a day along Outback roads training as hard as he could. That is, until a kangaroo jumped out in front of his bike one day, causing him to swerve and meet his ultimate match– This tree.

Your thoughts on how this bike got here?

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  1. Mom says:

    My guess is that a family was driving through the Outback on vacation in their station wagon and didn’t have the bike secured properly to the car – it fell off and hit the tree. They were probably using bungee cords!

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